5 Essential SEO Tips

5 Essential SEO Tips For Success

Keyword Research Tips 

Keywording/SEO are the heart and soul of any successful blog. Over the years, running dozens of blogs (which I currently still run) I have come to the conclusion that many secrets and tips exist that Google doesn’t want you to know about. Why you ask? Google’s formula for page rank, keyword indexing and SEO are supposed to be a complete secret to the public or else making money online would be too easy for the whole world. However, I am here to guide you to success.

SEO Tips & Keywords

Tip #1 – In order to find the perfect keyword for your articles and blog as a whole, keyword research tips are helpful. Once the research is complete you have to figure how to incorporate your keywords into your blog and articles to be as efficient as possible so that Google can pick up the keywords and increase your site rank.

Tip #2 –  The places for keywords that are weighed the heaviest with Google’s formula are the places you should put your keywords. These sites include: Title of each post, domain of website, first line of each post, and 2-3 times throughout your article post.

Tip #3 – Don’t over do it with your keywords. You can add your keywords more if the article is longer but don’t add them every other line because it could hurt your rankings.

Tip #4 – Use specific words that are actually relevant to your site as a whole. You can change them with each blog post but try to keep it within the whole theme of your entire website. This way readers are more inclined to surf around on your website and visit other pages you have written if it’s within the same general niche.

Tip #5 – Google Keyword Tool is absolutely free to assist you. It will allow you to input a search term and see exactly how many hits that specific keyword is receiving every month. I like to use the EXACT search option because this will yield results for the number of monthly searches for that keyword typed exactly. The BROAD search terms allow you to search for a keyword that will yield results with similar keywords included and is very helpful for suggesting other related keywords.

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