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Welcome to Everyday Blog Tips, where bloggers come together! I’m sure you know what we are about and what we offers to our fellow bloggers just by are name :)

We post blogging tips almost everyday to help improve and better your traffic in any shape or form. Whether its making it look better or even rank better in Google. We are here to improve your blog in every way we can.

About Tony

I’m 25 years old and been blogging and researching about blogging for the past 8 years almost. When I was 16 i stumbled upon how to make money with a blog article. Like everyone else at first I was skeptical. As I read more and more about blogging and websites I i realized it was possible to make money from online, I wasn’t sure how much you could make. Really I didn’t care. I loved computers and everything to do with them.

I taught myself how to repair and build them as well start making blogs, optimizing, marketing, and loved see how many visitors I could get to my blogs. I was always setting goals and trying to break new records with my blogs. I decided I want to share my experience blogging and share the things I have learned along the way to help others.

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