Social Bookmarking Sites

It’s crucial that you add your blog or website to social bookmarking sites. This has been proven to increase your blog traffic and back links as well. Using these social bookmarking sites can and will improve your blog page rank and Alexa rank as well.

Website                               Page Rank                           Alexa Rank

  1.                            PR 8                                       1,645
  2.                    PR 8                                       120
  3.                                  PR 8                                       192
  4.                            PR 7                                       208
  5.                               PR 8                                       114
  6.                        PR 8                                       1,178
  7.                                PR 7                                       3,587
  8.                          PR 8                                       373
  9.                                 PR 7                                       1,508
  10.                             PR 7                                       5,964

Here a short list for now, I’m working on a longer list. In the mean time check out this great social bookmarking software that makes 100+ social bookmarking accounts and does all the work for you, how easy does that sound?

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