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Why Amazon Is The Best Affiliate Program

Why Amazon Is The Best Affiliate ProgramAmazon Affiliate

I want to share with you today why I think Amazon is the best and highest converting affiliate program. I been using Amazon for some time now and think I should share my success to encourage others to use Amazon to make money.

When I first heard about Amazon Associate from a fellow blogger who had a lot more experience than me at the time. He was telling me how I could make some extra money using Amazon on my blog. Keep in mind at the time I was not making little to no money with my blog using other affiliate program trying to sell poorly made e-Books or services. Let me tell you… Amazon was the best thing that has happened and been using them ever since.

Why Some Don’t Like To Use The Amazon Affiliate Program

I’m always seeing people complain about how little commission you make with Amazon. Commission can range between 4% – 8% while you can make much larger commission from other sites ranging from 10% – 50% I’ve seen. Clickbank.com offers 50% – 75% commission on Electronic downloadable e-Books but the conversion is no where as high as Amazon. But… Do you think people would rather buy from a random site they never heard of before or buy from Amazon.com where it a well known website and trusted worldwide. I think almost everybody has heard about Amazon if you involved in the online world. This is why I stay with Amazon cause I get better conversion rates from the well trusted website than any other affiliate program.

Why I Prefer Amazon And How It Has Many Benefits

Amazons Product Variety – is more than you can image. They have a wide range of products and categories to chose from to sell. Find the best seller products on Amazon is a little trick I like to use. Promoting some of the top seller products help raise my sales because people hear about this products one way or another.

Amazon Interface For Customers – allows people to find what they are looking for at unbeatable prices. If someone can’t find what they are looking for easily they are going to go somewhere else where they can find it more easy and make you miss out on a sale. With there great setup and categories it make it easy for anyone to find what they are looking for as well.

Oh Holidays? -  Did I forget to mention how much I love Amazon during holidays due to booming sales :) Amazon is a gold mine for holiday season and always has been for me. Amazon runs really good deals the are pretty unbeatable when it comes to holidays which is a great time to promote what you are trying to sell.

Amazon is not the only affiliate program you can use. I just strongly recommend it from using previous programs and finding Amazon to work the best and convert sales unlike any other affiliate program I’ve used.

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