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How To Market A Blog For Beginners

With blogs being created everyday by people like you and me it can be very frustrating to market a blog efficiently. I want to share some blog marketing tips that can turn your blog around and drive traffic to your website. The most important thing about marketing a blog is your website appearance. Have a clean simple website that going to attract people to the color and looks of your blog. Now for the real blog tips   that are going to help are the following…

Keyword Research – Doing your research on keywords for your blog or blog post is extremely important for bloggers. I use “Google Keyword Tool” which is free and anyone can use it.  When using this tool find keywords that are suitable for your blog or blog post. Picking keywords with a low competition is what you want to aim at for best results for organic traffic. Receiving organic traffic from search engine is the best kind of traffic your blog can get.

Social Marketing – Social marketing has been blowing up in the past few years. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even Google+ are very crucial to market a blog. Connecting with people and share your blog with other is very common for big time bloggers. I would strongly recommend creating social marketing community for your blog to help improve your blog potential. Creating a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google + page can ihow to market a blognform your readers of new updates on your blog and keep them coming back.

Article Marketing – Article has been around ever since I can remember. This is a great source for building links to your website. When writing articles and adding them to article directories, it allows you to add a signature in the resource box. Linking your website in the resource box at the bottom of your article will bring people from that article to read more related articles on your blog, as well builds a back link to your blog.

Building Back Links - Building back links are very crucial for any type of blogger, that is if they want to help build the number visits to their blog each day. There are two ways to build back links, one is just have your link on a website for an example http://everydayblogtips.com is my website. That counts as a back link, but if you use Blog Tips and have it linked to your site like so, it’s called Anchored back links which are focusing more on that keyword. Back linking can be very powerful if you build them consistently, but if found to be very time consuming and frustrating to some people.

I hope this tips can help you market your blog more efficiently and bring your more traffic to your blog. Blogging is endless and always have new ways on how to improve them so keep checking this site out for daily blog tips.

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