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What Is A Backlink Exactly & Can It Benefit Me?

What Is A Backlink Exactly & Can It Benefit Me?

what are backlinks

I’m guessing you came across this page because you are wondering what are backlinks and how they can benefit your website or blog. Backlinks is part of something webmasters like to call “Search Engine Optimization” that help your website or blog get found in Google by people searching for “Keywords” on search engines such as Google.com or Yahoo.com. I find building backlinks to be the POWERHOUSE of traffic for free. If you have a website or blog we all know how hard it can be to get traffic or visitors to your website so why not let the search engines bring the target traffic to you?

What a backlink is a incoming link from a website linking to your website. So say I do www.Google.com I am building a backlink right now for Google. There link on my website point to there website is known as a backlink. You can also do a Backlink similar to Google which is known as a anchored text backlink. Backlinks can be very powerful for building organic traffic from the thousands of search engines on the internet.

Backlink play a factor in your website ranking as well. Boosting your website ranking will result in more traffic and easier to find on the top pages of search engines. There are tons of other little factors that can adjust your rankings as well just not backlinks. It does play a great role and help your ranking with search engines though.

The best to get backlinks to your website is creating good content for your read who are going to want to link to it. I’m always telling people content is king to any website and if the content is great people are going to want to link to it and share it with others. So start writing better content that readers are going to learn from and want to share with other people.

social monkee reviewI like to use SocialMonkee.com which is a great tool that build you 25 powerful and high quality backlinks each and everyday. When you have multiple sites you don’t have time to build links to every website or blog post. I will tell you doing backlinks yourself can be very very time consuming and could be putting that time into something better, trust me I would know.

How To Get Backlinks Efficiently

What are Backlinks | How To Get Backlinks

Some of you are wondering what are backlinks? Others may already know… but how to get backlinks easy is the hard part. Backlinks are incoming links from other websites point to yours which is giving your website a good reputation. Building quality backlinks to your blog, website, or Squidoo you are helping your site ranking in Google search engines. By doing this you are making your site for people search the internet for your keyword or phrase. Building backlinks is a great SEO strategy marketers have been using for years to get organic targeted traffic from Google, MSN and Yahoo.

How To Create Quality Backlinks

There are a few goods ways you can obtain high quality do follow backlinks. Creating backlinks can be very time consuming and most people tend to buy backlinks to save a lot of time. But there are some easy and quick methods to get free high quality backlinks.

Forum Posting - Join keyword related forums and become a active member to draw traffic and quality backlinks. Really your killing two bird with one stone at this point, so why wouldn’t you do this? By adding your site or Squidoo lens to your signature can help improve your backlink count and traffic. But you don’t want to come off as a spammer, build a reputation and help others as much as possible.

Article Submissions - Writing a unique article and submitting it to article directories, web 2.0 properties, social bookmarking sites are great strategies to build backlinks but not only that, but you get your product or server out on more pages on the internet that way too. More content you have submitted to the internet with your backlink going to your main site your going to notice a big difference.

Blog Commenting - Commenting on blogs has been a very well known backlink building strategy that has been used for ever by SEO experts. Blog commenting for backlinking I think is the easiest and quickest way to create high quality backlinks.

Submit Site To Web Directories - Submit your website to high pank rank do follow web directories. Find a list on Google by search “Do following web directories”. Submit to 2-3 a day for the next few weeks and you will see a jump in traffic to your website.

Building Backlinks Software

Download Backlinking Software

Boost your website traffic and backlinks like crazy with some software that will save your hours upon hours of work. Using these tools can more free up more time to other marketing strategies.
Article Demon – Article Spinner Software
Great software that spins a unique article you made and turns it into several article that you can use to submit to Article Directories, Web 2.0 site, or even forums. Great way to build quick back links and generate my content and visibility on the internet.
Blog Comment Demon Software
Blog commenting is crucial when comes to backlinks for SEO. Posting comments on blogs with a backlink linking back to your main site will help your rankings in search engines such as Google. Try this great software that comments on related blogs automatically.
Bookmarking Demon – Bookmarking Software
Maximize your website by submitting it to over to over 100+ high quality and Page rank social bookmarking site. This will help with higher search engine ranking, faster indexing, targeted traffic and better page rank. I recommend this software to save days of work and will always be use in the future.
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